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**2015-2016** season

The deadline for AmeriGas, which includes Blue Flame, Franconia, Keene Gas, Liberty, Synergy and Young's, has gone by for this season. We expect next season's prices to be negotiated in late July or early August. At that time, we'll do our annual mailing which will include the prices, registration form, and information. You can email us at if you'd like a mailing next season. Please send your Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, and the name of your current fuel company. (We do Not contact them.)

Suburban, will be accepting registrations for several more months. They offer fluctuating prices for Propane, Oil, and Kero. Registration forms to download are at the bottom of this page on the right side.


RCFG prices for those who register (or have registered) will remain in effect through both companies for deliveries up to 6-30-2016.

Have a happy, safe, wonderful season.

Tammy R. Clark
316 Grandview Rd. Williamstown, VT 05679



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A group cannot exist without the people
who are its' members. It is the strength
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needs that make this Fuel Group possible.
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TRC 6/2010


It is our goal to find the best possible prices for your home fuel(s). 
This year we have prices for propane, oil, kerosene and off road diesel. 
This site is made available to you to answer your questions, as well as allow new customers to see what we are about.
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Forms to download - Blue links are current. Others are pending

Suburban-Pyrofax Information/Registration Word Format

Suburban-Pyrofax Information/Registration PDF Format

AmeriGas Information/Registration PDF Format

Please direct your friends, family, co-workers, or whoever you think would like a "better" price than the street prices, to our site. 
Ruth Clark Fuel Group
Tammy Clark
316 Grandview Rd.
Williamstown, VT 05679
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